About Us



“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett

  • Team Approach – The right talent at the right level
  • Innovative Technology – Best in class technology solutions
  • Cost-effective – Only pay for the services you need
  • Flexible – Both fractional/part-time and interim solutions at your office or remotely
  • Scalable – Service model designed to grow with your company
  • Resources – Collaboration with trusted 3rd party partners to streamline business functions



I’m a business owner who’s been using QuickBooks, but I want to spend more time focused on running the business. What can Juna do for me?

QuickBooks is an excellent tool for many small to medium sized businesses. But an owner who functions as their own bookkeeper can quickly get overwhelmed with details. At Juna, we can take responsibility for the bookkeeping processes, freeing up your time to focus on running the business. We are QuickBooks ProAdvisors® and experts in designing systems and optimizing existing systems, making the outsourcing process an efficient and cost-effective solution. We leverage technology by integrating QuickBooks with programs such as Bill.com and Expensify to automate routine processes, maximize efficiency, and minimize costs.

Our company is growing, but we don’t have the budget for additional accounting staff. What can Juna do to fill this gap?

Growing companies are faced with staffing challenges at all stages of growth. Juna helps our clients determine the most effective solution for outsourcing all or a portion of their accounting and finance functions. We provide services at all levels from bookkeeper/staff accountant to part-time CFO.

Our company has decided to outsource our entire finance department. Can Juna handle a project of this magnitude?

From tactical accounting tasks, to investment presentations, to producing financial statement and reports, Juna can do it all. We are ready to set up the systems, processes and procedures, and provide daily bookkeeping services. We can produce the monthly financial statements and take the financial data to the next level by interpreting the financial reports in order to guide your company’s strategy.

Our business is stagnant and we don’t have a CFO. Can Juna help?

Does your company have an accounting department, but no CFO to provide strategic advice and direction? Our seasoned CFOs can analyze your financial data and provide the strategy necessary for growth and profitability. This analysis helps you get the most out of your financial data, allowing you to make informed strategic decisions.